Safety Measures at Kohinoor International School


January 2018

Safety Measures at Kohinoor International School

At Kohinoor International School, we consider child safety as an extremely important facet of our core philosophy at school.

Every child should feel safe,
physically and mentally within
the school premises.

With this objective in mind, the school developed a Security Policy and a Teacher Guideline Booklet, which expounds the Dos and Don'ts for the staff. We would like to share the essence of the same with all parents.

1. CCTV surveillance in all corridors, staircases, outside the washroom, courtyard area and around the school building, at entry and exit points, especially all blind spots within the premises. The footage is stored for 30 days.

2. Appointment of a female security guard, who supervises all floors of the school, throughout the day.

3. Security guards to supervise all floors immediately after student dispersal.

4. Entry into the school premises on display of Admit card.

6. The gate at the far end of the cafeteria is open only during student arrival and dispersal, that too under the supervision of the security guard. Entry into the cafeteria is not permitted as the gate is locked through the day. Security opens the gate only on instruction of the teacher accompanying students who need to access the playground, following which it is immediately locked.

7. Students are supervised at all times, in the cafeteria as well as the courtyard.

8. Girls and boys washrooms are monitored by female attendants at all times.

9. In emergencies like floods etc. students are supervised by female staff in the cafeteria till arrival of parent.

10. An awareness program on sexuality education was conducted for all teaching and non-teaching staff. A separate session was conducted with the entire support staff. The program covered dos and don'ts in addition to child safety rights.

11. Support staff is outsourced from reputed vendors and their background check and police verification has been conducted.

12. Maintenance related work is carried out strictly after school hours.

13. A separate washroom for support staff, bus and van drivers is in the basement.

14. All staff has been oriented about - No Touch Policy with respect to students - with special emphasis on the male staff.

15. Discipline Policy for students is based on positive reinforcements. Hence solitary confinement for any child is strictly not permitted.

Child safety is top priority for us
and we hence solicit your
cooperation to ensure that it is
not compromised.

We urge all parents to understand the need for the security measure of the Admit Card Policy by strictly adhering to it to enable better security for our children.

In our endeavour, we request parents of all children commuting by van to ensure that the Police verification of your respective van drivers is conducted and the certificate to be submitted in school. Also ensure the presence of female attendants in the van. Parents should also insist that the van drivers do not pick up any unauthorized persons on the way. Every child to be dropped from the same location where he/she was picked. All the above is also expected of the Bus contractor and his staff. The Bus contractor is also expected to ensure all guidelines laid down by the Hon'ble Supreme Court with respect to buses.

We at Kohinoor International School take utmost care with respect to child safety and are extremely committed to student security. Help us help you.

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Mrs. Deepali Nene
Mrs. Deepali Nene

Principal -
Kohinoor International School