Special Education

Aims at educating students in a way that caters to their individual differences and needs

  • Our Remedial teachers help our students cope with academics challenges in areas of reading, writing, math, language and organizational skills
  • We support the classroom teaching- learning experience by addressing children’s individual needs.
  • We assist parents by giving support and tips on improving their academic capabilities.
  • We have evolved a study skill program that helps to simplify the curriculum that aids student learning.
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Works individually and / or in a group to meet the emotional and developmental needs and to help cope behavior challenges.

  • Our counselors help create a secure environment for all students in school
  • We reach out to parents and guide them with parenting techniques
  • We work hand in hand with teachers and empower them with respect to emotional, social and behavioural changes in children.
  • Conduct various workshops to educate and sensitise students, parents and teachers.