Dear Parent,

The goal of education, in addition to acquiring knowledge, is to nurture among its students, the process of self-discovery, thereby creating a unique place for oneself. We, at Kohinoor International School, aim to promote the comprehensive development of all our students, by offering a learning environment that cultivates stimulating academic and co-academic practises.

KIS commits itself to making it the best place for students to learn, develop and help each other grow. We strive to create a participatory classroom where directed as well as incidental learning is nurtured. Learning is most effective when the ‘learner’ is given an opportunity to understand, assimilate, analyse and conclude. And the teacher plays the key role of facilitating the involvement of all the students. Our compassionate and engaging teachers attempt to offer a joyful and relevant learning experience, built on the foundation of ethical values. A spirited schooling develops essential life skills which encourages students to effectively contribute to society as prospective global citizens.

Students of today will soon face the formidable task of solving the problems of the future, of which, presently we have very little knowledge. We intend to empower our learners to discover how to attain the balance between the stable present and a vibrant tomorrow.

At KIS, we encourage our children to aim for the skies with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

Mrs. Deepali Nene

Mrs. Deepali Nene

Kohinoor International School (KIS)