The Power of Discipline


Nov 2017

The Power of Discipline

Basic education, of course, is necessary to prepare one for the society into which he is born. But when it is a question of habits, discipline should come more naturally than through artificial training. To children, the word ‘discipline’ has an unpleasant sound. But the real meaning of discipline is not restraint. It solely means learning to adapt oneself to the conditions of life.

Discipline is not just a sort of
training of the mind and
character intended for producing
self-control, habits of obedience
and strict observance of rules
and laws.

To a grade 8 student, walking along the corridor would come more naturally when compared to a first grader, who has just tasted freedom – the freedom to run along the corridor or play in the washroom. So, it is through the gradual journey of education, that a child learns to mould himself to varying situations.

Reflecting on my past experience, as a class teacher of grade 4 – I would assign duties to the students. One such duty was maintaining a class calendar, where details of upcoming tests, assignments and other activities were noted and referred to by students themselves. This developed a sense of responsibility and ownership among the students.

Hence, as a wise teacher , I will
not impose my will upon my
students simply because I am
stronger or more powerful by
position; I will explain to them
the reason why I desire them to
do certain things and to refrain
from doing others

At Kohinoor International School, we stress upon the need to walk in order while moving for the breaks or various activities, taking care of school property, being punctual, adhering to the school regulations with respect to the uniform, neatness and so on, talking in an acceptable tone and also refraining from running around in the classrooms.

Their conduct will be ruled by reason and not by fear. It is rightly said, “Discipline imposed from the outside, eventually defeats when it is not matched by desire from within “.Any student reprimanded for an act of indiscipline is made to introspect, the very cause and effect of such behavior.

So the highest form of discipline is ‘self-discipline’ – the power to refrain from doing things one desires to do not only because one sees that they have a bad effect, but also because one is aware that they are unacceptable.

Right discipline consists not in
external compulsion, but in the
habits of the mind which lead
spontaneously to desirable
rather than undesirable
activities. Thus, discipline begets
great character.

Human beings cannot live in a society without some kind of discipline. The basis of discipline should be a desire to do one’s share in making life as easy as possible for the majority.

Even nature, reflects discipline in every phenomenon. Be it, the rising or setting of the sun, summer or winter, all are subject to law.

Hence using discipline as my tool, I can make even small numbers formidable and bring success to the weak.

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Leesa Jose Koola
Leesa Jose Koola

Primary Coordinator -
Kohinoor International School