The Joy of Giving? Or The Joy of Receiving?


Jan 2018

The Joy of Giving? Or The Joy of Receiving?

It is that time of the year which is looked forward to by most of the students. Yes HOLIDAYS!!! After burning the midnight oil studying for the semester examination, the vacation comes as a welcome respite. The ‘Festival of Light’- Diwali adds its own charm and a magical touch to the atmosphere. There is a lot of hustle and bustle everywhere. Shopping for new clothes, buying gifts for our loved ones, preparing or ordering sweets, planning outings and the list is endless.

Yet there is a section of the
student group who in this festive
season are busy preparing to
cross their first hurdle of life with
flying colours.

Yes, I am referring to the tenth graders. It may be a challenge to strike a balance between both studies and enjoyment at this time of the festive season. Most of them will do a great job of striking this balance. But there are a few who may not be able to do so. The reasons could be various - lack of planning, poor study habits, low motivation, bad time management, etcetera.

Every festival is laced with the spirit of giving – reaching out to the ones in need. I am referring to the ‘Joy of Giving’. The blessed make the season richer by spreading joy, peace and also reaching out to the ones who are not so blessed materially or financially.

Can a student of grade 10 experience this ‘Joy of Giving’?
Why not?

Well in every class there are a few of your classmates who find a subject / subjects challenging. Could you reach out to them by sharing a few good study tips, sharing your simplified notes, techniques of understanding, memorizing and retaining facts, sharing their fears and apprehensions, encouraging and motivating them?

By sharing your knowledge you
will not be helping your
classmate to pass the board
exam but will make him/her feel
special and blessed to have a
classmate who is empathetic.

You will not only be a giver but also a receiver. A receiver of manifold blessings!

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Violet D'Souza
Violet D'Souza

ICSE Coordinator -
Kohinoor International School