Failure… A blessing in disguise!


January 2018

Failure… A blessing in disguise!

'‘Yashasvi bhava!’ ‘ May you succeed in all your endeavours!’ This is how we wish our children, students and near and dear ones when they set out to face challenges. We would obviously want only the best for people close to us.

But how unrealistic is this wish. If someone never faces failure, would he really be the luckiest? I wonder. Failure and disappointment are as important as achievement and accomplishment. In fact they are the stepping stones to success.

Triumph and winning are elating emotions, to be celebrated and enjoyed. Winning a match and topping an exam are positive experiences which build a person’s self-esteem, confidence and will to excel. We all remember the first medal we won, certificate we earned, pat on the back and congratulatory hand-shake. However, after every accomplishment, are we able to find time to look back at what we did right or could have done better. The victory celebration though definitely well-deserved, often blinds us.

Losing and defeat create sorrow and regret. No one likes to lose but the feelings of remorse, often give rise to reflection. What did I do wrong? How did I miss that shot? How could I have turned the losing point around? And that’s not all. Failure and all the negative feelings attached to it toughen us up and prepare us for challenges that lay ahead.

I am not saying that we celebrate our failure, but after shedding tears and accepting defeat, we can surely enthuse ourselves to galvanise our efforts and determination to bounce back.

The dark of the night makes way for a new dawn… and life comes a full circle.

So as grateful as I am today for all my medals, trophies, victories and achievements, I am equally thankful for my setbacks, loses and misses.

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Mrs. Deepali Nene
Mrs. Deepali Nene

Principal -
Kohinoor International School