About KIS

Kohinoor International School is a premium educational initiative from the Kohinoor Group which has been in the field of education since 1961. It is affiliated with the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and is located in the heart of the central suburbs with good connectivity from the western suburbs as it is just a stone’s throw away from Santacruz – Chembur Link Road. Equipped with modern infrastructure and a big synthetic Turf, Kohinoor International School is committed to providing excellent education to the young learners.

Primary School

The primary school takes pride in the incomparable learning style and unique method of facilitating understanding in the classroom. The intellect of the child is developed by the play instinct acting from the inner necessity.

Apart from the subjects being taught using diverse learning methodologies , opportunities are also provided for experiential learning through projects based activities.

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Middle School

Students are groomed to become responsible and confident individuals by the mentors of our school who facilitate them through the journey of the middle school learning. Our teachers, through their interactive and collaborative teaching and mentoring have built the trust necessary for a positive working environment which has promoted self-reflection and accountability in our learners. Our teachers being approachable, open-minded and passionate leaders tap into the potential of our learners and help them grow and discover themselves thus catering to the holistic growth of individuals, enriching them through experiential learning.

Our learners are moulded to be more responsible and independent. They are able to express their individuality with conviction; they expand their learning abilities through constant guidance given by the mentors. They learn to meet deadlines by keeping up the self designed, end -of- semester projects, where they learn to navigate the online world. The peer pressure plays a very important role at this level, where they learn to make decisions, choose friends wisely and avoid unhealthy choices. They are constantly mentored by various motivational programmes put up by the school Counselling team and are well equipped to face challenges and hurdles, thereby overcoming and gearing up to become a progressive learner and a great achiever.

High School

KIS Secondary section aims at fostering Pragmatic Utopian Global Citizens. The 360° exposure at KIS secondary section taps the latent and enhances the active skills of the pupils. The teaching learning experiences have a realistic value which instils a deep sense of humanism which results in sensitising the pupils to the world challenges. When they cross the threshold of their alma mater to step into the wider world they are equipped not only to face the challenges which the world presents to them but are also ready to bring about the positive changes to make this world a better place to live in.

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