We are proud to announce that students of KIS have won the following in XVII Mumbai Interschool Sports Kudo Tournament which was held in Dec 2018. 69 schools participated in the tournament. :

  • Gold Medals: 13
  • Silver Medals: 27
  • Bronze Medals: 47
  • Total Medals: 87

It’s a pleasure to announce that our following students have won the Martial Art Kudo Championship (2019- 20) conducted by Kudo International Federation of India on 16th March 2019:

  • Umar Kitekar (Grade 10): Gold Medal
  • Royce Tellis (Grade 6): Gold Medal
  • Ibraheem Kitekar (Grade 6): Gold Medal
  • Veer Dharamshi (Grade 9): Silver Medal
  • Ananya Valse (Grade 8): Silver Medal
  • Dhrumeel Dang (Grade 6): Silver Medal
  • Fiona Sarvaiya (Grade 6): Silver Medal
  • Dewang Chaudhari (Grade 4): Silver Medal
  • Vedanshi Anjaria (Grade 8): Bronze Medal
  • Agasthya Prajapati (Grade 6): Bronze Medal
  • Samarjeet Saini (Grade 5): Bronze Medal

On 17th March 2019, 6th Mumbai Mayor’s Cup was conducted by Kudo International Federation of India at Dharavi Sports Complex. The KIS students won the following medals:

  • Royce Tellis (Grade 6): Gold Medal
  • Veer Dharamshi (Grade 9): Gold Medal
  • Ananya Valse (Grade 8): Silver Medal
  • Dhrumeel Dang (Grade 6): Silver Medal
  • Fiona Sarvaiya (Grade 6): Silver Medal
  • Agasthya Prajapati (Grade 6): Bronze Medal
  • Vedanshi Anjaria (Grade 8): Bronze Medal
  • Umar Kitekar (Grade 10): Bronze Medal

Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition< is conducted by The Mumbai Science Teachers' Association since 1981 to encourage students to take interest in science, to inculcate scientific attitude and to search science talent in students and motive them towards basic sciences as well as to clear the scientific concepts among students. This competition is conducted for the students studying only in VIth and IXth Std. There are 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Written test
  • Phase 2 - Practical Test
  • Phase 3 – General Interview

We are proud to announce that our students from Kohinoor International School (KIS) Aditya Shah who won the gold medal and Krish Parekh (silver medal) have made the entire KIS family proud of their achievements.

Congratulations to our budding scientist.

Imaan Shaikh of grade 5 won a gold medal in 'Open Speed Skating Championship' at State level. It was organised by Skating Association of Kalyan Taluka – Navi Mumbai and Thane District .He has also won a silver medal in First Raisa Monsoon Seasonal Roller Skating Games 2018 at Thane.

Zahra Fatima Kitekar of Grade 4 and Imaan Shaikh of Grade 5 have made us proud once again. Zahra received a gold medal in Mira Bhayander road race held on 6th January, 2019. She also won the silver medal in Skating road race at district level. She won the Bronze medal in open roller skating championship in Pune approved by Skating Association of Pune held on 25th November, 2018.

Imaan won the 1st prize and 5th prize in roller skating Inter-school overall championship (Aamchi Mumbai Roller Championship) held at OES International School Andheri (West) and Mira Bhayander Road race which took place on 9th December and 6th January respectively. He also received a gold medal (Under 10) in Speed Inline.We are so proud of them.Congratulations to both our rising stars!

It’s a pleasure to announce that our following students have won the Camel Art Contest 2018- 19 :

  • Nivi Jain – Grade 1 – 1st Prize
  • Dev Chedda – Grade 2 – 2nd Prize
  • Nakshatra Sitara- Grade 2 – 3rd Prize
  • Maanya Parmar – Grade 3 – 1st Prize
  • Gaurav Sakhardande – Grade 4 – 2nd Prize
  • Aashi Bhalani – Grade 3 – 3rd Prize
  • Stuti Cheda – Grade 6- 1st Prize
  • Yesha Gala – Grade 6 – 2nd Prize
  • Suraj Mohanty – Grade 6- 3rd Prize
  • Ayaz Raza- Grade 8 – 1st Prize
  • Krish Parekh – Grade 7 – 2nd Prize
  • Arsheya Shaikh – Grade 7- 3rd Prize

Indeed, the competition was tough and each and every student participated with full zest. Congratulations to the winners.

Mohammed Ali Kitekar of grade 6, Mohammed Ismaeel Kitekar of grade 5 and Mohammed Ibrahim Kitekar of grade 5 have won the 2nd place in the team football club Mithagar.

They were awarded the 1st Runner’s up trophy for the RYP football tournament which was on held on 9th December, 2018.

Congratulations to our students for making us proud.

Reyansh Verma of Grade 1 has secured a gold medal of distinction at Zonal Level in International General Knowledge Olympiad Exams 2018- 19.

Kudos to Reyansh

It is a pleasure to announce that Kalp Jain of Grade 3 has won the 3rd place in Mira Bhayander Road Speed Skating championship 2019 – 20 held on 6th January, 2019.

Congratulations Kalp!

Darsh Venkateshwar of grade 5 won medals in 5th IMGKA Maharashtra state tournament 2018.

Darsh won a Gold Medal in Kata (Under 10) and a Gold Medal in Kumite (Under 10)

The icing on the cake was he winning the 2nd prize in Group Kata.

Congratulations Darsh!’

Zahra Fatima Kitekar studying in grade 4 has won 3 Gold and 3 Silver medals respectively in "All Mumbai Taluka Roller Skating Championship 2018".

It was conducted by "Mumbai United Skating Taluka (MUST)" on 20th and 21st October, 2018. The races included Speed Inline Skating involving :

  1. 100M Road Race (Time Trial) - Gold Medal
  2. 1000M Rink Race - Gold Medal
  3. 500M Rink Race - Gold Medal
  4. 3000M Road Race - Silver Medal
  5. 500M Road Race - Silver Medal
  6. 5000M Rink Race - Silver Medal

Congratulations to you Zahra!

Teachers of Kohinoor International School (KIS) won the 2nd prize in the Inter – School teacher's group folk dance competition at Saraswati Vidyalaya High School & Jr.KG College of Science, Rabodi, Thane on Saturday, 22nd September, 2018. It was indeed a tough competition. Kudos to our teachers for a wonderful performance.

Ibraheem Kitekar and Ismeil Kitkear of grade 5 participated in a football tournament and won the Monsoon Super League conducted by 'Football World Academy'.

Jash Shah of grade 3 has won the 1st prize in Chess tournament held in Ghatkopar by LEO club of Jagdusha Hills at Gurukul School Ghatkopar (E). Congratulations to our students

Aaditya Shah secured the 4th place and Krish Parekh secured the 8th rank across cities in the ‘LogiQids’ Logical reasoning final exam conducted in March – April 2018.

Ruchi Khetle from Grade 8 has won a bronze medal in ‘Thai Boxing Mayor Cup 2018’.

It was a district level tournament held on 8th July, 2018 at the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex (Sion).